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How to Ask the Tarot

How to Ask the Tarot

There's a good way, and there's a better way.

My goal and commitment is to help uncover and consider the relevant possibilities within the cards,

and to share that information in a way that puts you in the driver's seat,

so that you can manage that information however it best serves or applies to your question.

"Empowerment Tarot" was chosen because the questions asked and the insights shared should be exactly that -- empowering to you.

The information should be constructive in a way that the querent (the asker--that's you)

explores a deeper understanding (usually what is already present in the subconscious

but perhaps is not fully realized in the conscious) and finds clarity about the topic in question.

EMPOWERING questions that release limitations (open-ended questions):

  • What action is needed to help me land my dream career?
  • What is the most important element to focus on if I want to achieve ___?
  • How might [action/decision] influence the relationships aspect of my life?​
  • What is the energy surrounding this situation?

Empowering questions inspire contemplation, introspection, and are often action-oriented whether concerning present moment, our past experiences, or transforming today's dreams into tomorrow's manifestations.

Seeking constructive information gives you a much more meaningful, informative Tarot reading experience.

If you find yourself struggling to formulate an empowering question, I'm happy to help get to the heart of the question.

It might even help you explore the depth of the situation of which you're inquiring!

If you don't have a question for a particular concern/situation, that's ok!

It's just as valid to visit the Tarot simply because you feel drawn to it at

that particular time. Perhaps your subconscious is nudging you!

Questions that seek a limited-choice answer such as Yes/No, When, Where, Who, Is... may be asked, but because I believe Tarot is designed with the concept of options and choices (as opposed to one set-in-stone path with an inevitable outcome), your "answer" may be more conditional:

"Yes, if...",      "No, but...",        "A person/personality who/that..."

"When ___ circumstances occur/action is taken, then ___ is more likely to take place."

If after careful deliberation, you'd still like to ask a limited-answer question, be open to use it in conjunction with empowering, open-ended questions that promote/consider all possibilities.

Feeling inspired?

Head to Policies
to ensure what you seek aligns with how the Tarot is used.

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