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Let's get clear on Empowerment Tarot's ethics

(Terms of Use)

Where I live and provide Tarot, the extent of the use of Tarot is only so far as entertainment purposes only. I do not direct, advise, or otherwise act with authority in any of (but not limited to) the following areas:

Medical           Legal           Financial

Should a person require/seek intervention/advice regarding the

above categories, they are encouraged to contact a qualified medical, legal, or financial professional to address those concerns.

Please also note that under NO circumstances

should Tarot be used as a substitute

for professional counseling, therapy, or crisis management.

If you are at risk for any form of harm or injury

to yourself or others, please immediately

dial 911 (USA) or your local

equivalent emergency number,

(USA) text "HOME" to 741741  (APA's crisis text line),

or visit here for professional resources

of crisis management.

You should not request a Tarot reading from
Empowerment Tarot, LLC if:

  • ​You did not read, understand, or agree to the terms on this page and/or the terms of the reading indicated

  • Your expectation is that I will:

    • Read minds​​​

    • Predict the future, especially in specific detail

    • ​Act as a medium​ to consult or channel otherworldly entities

    • Do third-party readings (ask what others are doing or thinking, without their prior consent)

    • "Make" something happen for or to you

    • Tell, direct, or choose for you how to act, behave, think, or believe

    • Act in any way that violates my professional ethics

  • In any capacity, Tarot does not align with your personal, spiritual, religious, philosophical, or other beliefs

  • You are not willing/open to receive information that may differ from a preconceived expectation

  • You are under the legal age of 18 years

  • You seek or require medical, legal, financial, or other professional intervention, advice, or care beyond the scope of Tarot

  • You are unwilling or unable to assume full responsibility for your personal actions and behavior as it pertains to the information shared during the reading process

Empowerment Tarot, LLC / The Tarot reader reserves the right to refuse and/or discontinue any reading if at any point the terms/policies are broken by any involved party.

When you have read, understand,

& agree to these policies,

& when you understand

the impact of

empowering questions,

you are ready to

request an Empowerment Tarot reading!


  • Privacy and Confidentiality - All information will be exchanged and stored securely and will only be accessible to/by the client and myself.

  • Non-Judgement - I will meet the client where they are with compassion and free of judgement.

  • Focus - So that I may provide a high-quality service, I completely devote my time, space, and energy to the reading at the time it is being done -- not multi-tasking; not under the influence of any substances that may impair my judgement; to be well-rested and in fair health.

  • Timeliness - For Primary Tarot Readings I will complete the initial reading and make materials/documents accessible within 7 days from the time payment is completed. Other specialty or limited-time-offer readings may follow a different schedule based on the nature of the reading, which will be communicated with the client prior to payment.

    • Clients should be prepared to respond to any correspondence from Empowerment Tarot, LLC throughout the reading process, beginning at the time a reading request is submitted. I may have questions or statements about your query to ensure we are both clear about your goals for the reading.​

Exchange &
Storage of

My primary medium of secure information (pdf and video files) exchange and storage will be Dropbox. Due to the file size of most pdf and video files, readings are typically too large to share directly through email.


If you do not have a Dropbox account already, click here to create one now. This will be the address I use to share your Tarot documents & files with you.


After your Tarot reading request is submitted and the confirmed by both you and me, an invoice will be emailed to you for the type of reading agreed upon. The card-interpretation portion of the reading will begin after the invoice has been fulfilled.


Fees reflect the dedicated time and effort invested in the entire reading process, from connecting and communicating with you, drawing and interpreting cards, creating reference documents/files and securely storing/sharing them with you, and following along on the progress of your goals.

While I will honor refunds or cancellations under a select few & reasonable circumstances (typically as a result of extenuating circumstances of the client or the Tarot reader), it will not be based on the outcome of the reading. 

Only request readings with certainty that this is what you would like to receive. Due to the detailed nature of how I provide reading experiences, I reserve a limited number of readings in a given period of time. When you request a reading, that availability is held exclusively for you. I appreciate when my time and energy are valued and respected.

Cancellation or refund requests that meet qualifying criteria [within 24 hours of completing payment + client's circumstances honored at the discretion of the Tarot reader]  will be honored. Refunds of canceled readings at the request of the client --and honored by the Tarot reader-- will reflect a deducted administrative fee of $30 USD as well as a proration based on any work that has already been completed prior to the cancellation request. No refunds will be honored after 24 hours of completed payment.

If for any reason I, the Tarot reader, become unable to complete the reading request in a timely manner (in/at the time determined/agreed upon by both client & Tarot reader), a full refund will be provided to the client.

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